Shhhhhh! It's National Library Workers Day

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - National Library Workers Day was conceived in 2004 to recognize and honor the men and women who work tirelessly to keep the country's libraries in tip-top shape.

At the Beatties Ford Library, the knowledge of a hundred generations is permanently printed inside more than 28,000 books.

But all of it would be useless, without the men and women who quietly work to keep it all running.

Branch manager Alecia Mitchell says libraries aren't the sterilized institutions of shush they once were. And librarians have a lot more to love about their business, than just books.

"I just love being in a library, I love helping people, and I love teaching. This allows me to teach and read and help people and this was just a perfect career for me," Alecia said.

Librarian Jeremy Lytal agrees, "I love showing people where the books are, how the collection works, how to find stuff, empowering people."

It is a career no longer consumed by literature alone. Computers connect curious minds to the internet, programs offer learning, there are even movies at the library.

"We've changed our focus our missions now to be more engaging," Alecia said.

Librarians aren't likely to come up with a cure for cancer, they probably won't find a way to end poverty. But with their dedication and their decimal systems, they will help future generations gain the knowledge they need to change the world.

To all who work within these hallowed halls and my own librarian cousin Kady, a thank you and a recognition that is long overdue.

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