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More former deputies, jail staff testify in Sam Parker corruption trial


In an exchange of words between Sam Parker's defense attorney, one witness said former Chesterfield County Sheriff Sam Parker was so hands on with the department, there's no way he didn't know inmates we're living and working outside of the jail.

Several former Chesterfield County Sheriff deputies took the stand, Monday, admitting they drove inmates Mike Lee and William Skipper to lunch outings and to go shopping, but didn't know they were breaking the law.

After taking inmate supervision classes, former deputy Harold Hainey says he went to Parker to let him know that inmates working and living outside of the jail was wrong, but Parker didn't change anything.

"He told us they were his and not to mess with them," said Hainey.

"Did he say what would happen if you did mess with them," asked the State Prosecutor.

"The word indictment came out one time," responded Hainey.

Former deputies and jail staff testified when they told Parker what was going on in the department was wrong, the former sheriff would threaten them in staff meetings with retaliation if they told state officials, including Former jail administrator Ritchie Rollings.

"(Parker said)I don't want to hear any more complaints about the inmates," said Rollings.

"Was he talking about all of the inmates in the jail," asked the prosecutor.

"No ma'am," answered Rollings.

"Who was he talking about," asked the prosecutor.

"Skipper and Lee," responded Rollings.

"Did he say what would happen if you continued to complain," asked the prosecutor.

"You either got indicted or fired," said Rollings.

Amongst other things, Parker is accused of allowing Lee and Skipper to live in the sheriff's armory where they had access to phones, internet and unsupervised visitors in exchange for work at Parker's home.

Rollings told jurors it got to the point that it wasn't worth mentioning inmate supervision problems to Parker anymore because nothing would be done.

"Did you ever address that with Sheriff Parker," asked the prosecutor.

"No ma'am," said Rollings.

"Why not," asked the prosecutor.

"It got to the point where it was really no use," answered Rollings.

Trial will continue Tuesday.

It is unclear whether or not Parker will take the stand.

Parker is charged with 5 counts of misconduct in office, 2 counts of giving contraband to inmates and one count of embezzlement.

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