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NC Teacher Pay the subject of conversation again

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April 14 is the day the Task Force members charged to make recommendations on whether to create a statewide model of incentives to encourage the recruitment and retention of highly effective educators will submit their recommendation.

Task force members were selected by State lawmakers. They consist of 18 members.  They have met four times to help state leaders tackle teacher pay. One task force member says she is disappointed with the process.

Judy Kidd is president of the Classroom Teachers Association in Charlotte, NC.  She hoped by now the task force would have done more to help teachers get more money in their paychecks.

"To come to Raleigh for four meetings," Kidd said. "And listen to presentations that were selected - just to hear them and then don't have any time to apply what we have learned - just seems to me not a very productive use of our time."

The task was to report its findings and recommendations to the General Assembly by April 15.  Here are some of the recommendations we are told the task force will present.  They want state lawmakers to rethink not paying teachers for advanced degrees.

Members claim there is research that proves a teacher with a Masters or Doctorate can improve academic achievement.  Also members are recommending a hike in the base salary for all teachers not just first year teachers. Also task force members want to create a bonus system for teachers who experience growth in their classrooms.

Some task force members claim there wasn't enough time to complete the work of teacher pay. The job of the task force was to end April 14th, but one state lawmaker says he wants to continue the task force until the work is done. 

Here is a brief history at how teacher pay has been dealt with in NC:

It's been about 5 years since NC teachers received a substantial pay raise.

NC now ranks 46th in the nation when it comes to teacher pay.

NC teacher pay is $10,000 below national average.

NC General Assembly recently approved not to pay teachers more for advanced degrees.

NC General Assembly approved school districts to identify 25% of its best teachers and give them a $500 annual bonus over the next four years.

Last year General Assembly establishes Task Force to Study Teacher and school administrator effectiveness and compensation.

This year Gov. Pat McCrory proposes giving first year teachers a nearly 14 percent raise over the next two years.

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