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New affair allegations in Sam Parker corruption trial

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Thursday, inmate Mike Lee told jurors how close he and former Chesterfield County Sheriff Sam Parker became while he was supposed to be in jail, serving time for arson.

Friday, jurors found out how those close ties may have ruined their relationship.

Angela Hearst told jurors how she had hundreds of unsupervised visits with Lee while he was living at an impound lot and the sheriff's armory.

"Did you ever have a sexual relationship with Michael at the impound," asked State prosecutors.

"Yes ma'am," responded Hearst.

"And how frequently would you say that occurred," asked the prosecutor.

"That probably happened five or six times," answered Hearst.

But the most eyebrow raising testimony came when Hearst told jurors about a two to three hour conversation she had with Parker.

In the conversation, Parker addressed allegations that Lee may have had sex with his wife.

"Michael had been accused of screwing his wife and then he asked me if I knew anything about guns and knives. I did not," said Hearst.

"Then he asked if I'd ever brought anything to Michael. He said he didn't want to hurt Michael, he just wanted him to go away," she continued.

Later in court, former deputies with the sheriff's office testified Parker used county property for his own personal use, including a county rescue boat Parker allegedly used for shrimping.

Parker's attorneys say the shrimp was used at a county function, although former deputies say they never saw it.

Witnesses also say Parker attended a birthday party for Lee at the armory, where Filet Mignon was served and they said Parker knew Lee carried cash.

Former deputy David Rivers said he used to take Lee to cash his checks, but was unaware he was breaking the law.

"You felt like you were doing your job? Is that fair to say," asked Parker's defense attorney.

"Yes," responded Rivers.

"You would never knowingly violate the law," asked the defense attorney.

"No," answered Rivers.

Trial will resume Monday with more witness testimony.

It's still unknown if Parker will take the stand in his defense.

Parker is charged with 5 counts of misconduct in office, 2 counts of giving contraband to inmates and one count of embezzlement.

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