Overnight: Bus crash kills 9, including students

Hello. It's Christine Nelson writing you this email dark and early on this Friday, April 11. There is a lot of news to cover so I'm going to get right to it. Remember local, live news coverage starts now and goes until 9 a.m. on WBTV and our sister network Bounce TV. We're live streaming during that time too at www.wbtv.com/live.

Deadly bus crash - This is a sad story out of Orland, California. High school students were on board a bus to go visit a college when officials say there was a collision with a FedEx delivery truck. Sadly, 9 people died. We have images from what was a dramatic scene and details on what's being uncovered so far in the investigation.

Did you miss seeing how a man stranded on a cell phone tower was rescued?? Wow, was this a nail biter! It happened in Charlotte and we spoke to him after he had to dangle 150 feet in the air for 90 minutes until he got to safe ground. Safe to say, those involved in the rescue are truly heroes.

Plus, we'll have all you need to know if you think you were exposed to the Charlotte restaurant where officials say someone tested positive for Hepatitis A.

Also, it's the #Countdown2Uptown. An exciting day for sports in Charlotte. Do you know what I'm talking about? Astrid Martinez has a live report on why many in the sport of baseball will be watching the Queen City today.

So many more stories to talk about this morning but I have to get ready to be on set. See you on the air!