Have trouble organizing passwords?

Wearable tech to recall passwords

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A popular question our Cyber Expert, Theresa Payton, gets from viewers is how to manage password overload while still protecting passwords from snoops.

Now, wearable technology is appearing and there are some cool advances.  However, Theresa suggests you to do your homework first because your privacy could be at risk.  

Theresa just returned from a large security conference, RSA, and has been watching recent consumer tech announcements.  Her thoughts follow:

Wearable tech: 

1.  Bracelets that have your body's password.  The Nymi device from Bionym provides a bracelet that tracks your heartbeat and turns that into your biometric password. 

2.  Earrings or key chains by Yubico.  The Yubikey can be worn on a key chain, as earrings, or even a pin.  It uses RFID and a master password to access an online password vault. 

3.  Google is experimenting with a password ring that you could use to help unlock your online accounts.

Questions to ask:

1. How is my biometric information stored?

2. What is the company's privacy policy?

3. If you go out of business or sell your company to someone else, what rights do I have to my own data?

To see the latest in wearable tech for passwords, check out the Nymi Site or Yubikey Site:

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