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Witness sobs during former Chesterfield Co. Sheriff Sam Parker corruption trial


There was explosive testimony in the trial of former Chesterfield County Sheriff Sam Parker, Tuesday.

Parker is charged with 5 counts of misconduct in office, 2 counts of giving contraband to inmates and one count of embezzlement.

It didn't take long before Lieutenant Wayne Jordan with the Chesterfield County Sheriff's Office openly cried out in court when he testified against his childhood mentor and former boss.

It seemed to be a simple question from state prosecutors, "How long have you known Sam Parker?"

Lieutenant Jordan was overcome with emotion.

"I knew him all my life," sobbed Lt. Jordan.

"You don't want to be here, do you," asked the state prosecutor.

"Not at all," replied Lt. Jordan.

Lieutenant Jordan, who is currently the Chief of Detectives at the Chesterfield County Sheriff's Office, says he's known former sheriff Sam Parker since he was a little boy, when Parker was his baseball coach.

Prosecutors accuse Parker of giving 2 inmates at the jail special treatment that included alcohol, unsupervised visits with women, living outside the jail, shopping trips and dining out in restaurants.

In exchange the inmates allegedly performed work on the Sheriff's house and personal property.

Prosecutors also accuse Parker of taking property intended for the Sheriff's Office and used it for himself, and gave uniforms, badges and weapons to civilians.

Lieutenant Jordan testified, Tuesday, that while in office, Parker ordered him to hand over seized guns to people not in the Sheriff's office.

Lieutenant Jordan says he never questioned Parker about the guns or the two inmates in fear of termination.

"He always said we'd get in trouble if we kept bothering him, so that's why I left him alone," said Lt. Jordan.

Parker's defense team says all of the charges brought against their client come from jail contract disagreements and policy violations.

Parker's attorney highlighted the good deeds the former sheriff accomplished while in office and went on to say Parker was never corrupt.

"Sam Parker is incapable of dishonesty," said Defense Attorney Gregory Harris.

State Prosecutors also accuse Parker of using the department's resources such as a rescue boat for his personal use to catch shrimp.

Parkers' attorney claims the shrimp caught while using the boat was for a department event.

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