Gaston County Parents On Alert; Bobcats Playoff Tickets On Sale Today

Good morning!  Kristen Miranda here - in for Christine again this morning.  Happy to be joining John Carter, Sammi Jo...and Ashley Batey who is in for Al today.

We're covering plenty of news this morning....

Two incidents in the past two days - men trying to lure girls into their cars.  A scary situation for any parent - our Astrid Martinez in on that story.

We'll tell you why the owner of a Charlotte taxi cab company wants to see an additional investigation into Patrick Cannon...the former mayor now accused of corruption.

Students at CPCC plan to protest near the campus today on behalf of a transgendered student who claims she was a victim of harassment by campus security.  We'll describe what happened that has her so upset.

Bobcats playoff tickets go on sale today and you just need to stick with us this morning to find out how and when to get them.

And...Siri has some competition now.  We'll introduce you to "Cortana."

Then in our 7am-9am program on Bounce TV...I can't wait to meet the guest coming into the studio.  Actor, choreographer, and icon Debbie Allen has turned her children's book Brothers of the Knight in to a musical and is holding auditions in Charlotte!  She'll tell us all about it!

Oh, and one more thing...John just showed me that he has all of the ingredients for a banana and mayo sandwich...and he's going to make me one later this morning.  What have I gotten myself into?

John begins the news at 4:30am with Ashley and Sammi and I will join him at 5.  See you then!