Teacher finds $11,000 cash on roadway

Teacher finds $11,000

Sherry Whitesides is a 4th grade teacher at Cotton Belt Elementary School in York. And even though she might deserve it, her paychecks don't come with 6 figures.  So you could consider what happened on Sunday on the side of the road, a dream come true.

"I didn't know it was money I just saw it was something falling so my son and I pulled over and we got out,"

One after another, Sherry and her 12-year-old son Alan picked up 114 one hundred dollar bills.

"11 thousand dollars was a lot of money in 100 dollar bills," Sherry said.

A bank bag had flown the top of the car in front of Sherry, but the driver never turned around. Alan started planning. "When he saw all this money he said 'wow' I could get a 4 wheeler with this," Sherry said.

$11,000 would buy a lot of things. But for Sherry, the one thing it wouldn't, a good night's sleep."It wasn't mine, I didn't deserve it, I didn't do anything to get it." she said.

This 20 year veteran teacher did the only thing her conscience would even consider. She and her son took it directly to the Clover Police Department and turned it in.

"You still wonder is this really happening is this true, is it make believe?" Police Chief Randy Grice says he's still a little shocked she turned it in. She didn't have to.

"It's non-traceable and probably would have never figured out where it went to," Grice said.

All that's left of the 11-thousand dollars, is a photo Sherry took with her son holding all the money and smiling. And a lesson for Sherry's 3 boys that all the money in the world couldn't buy.

"I feel very richly blessed and it has nothing to do with my bank account."

The police were able to track down the money's owner because the man's drivers license and other paperwork were in the bank bag with all the money.

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