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Taxi company owner says he was shut out of process


Albeno Maywal has driven the streets of Charlotte for more than a decade, and he owns the Professional Cab Company.

By many standards, it's a business that could be regarded as small potatoes, since it has roughly two dozen vehicles.

However, Maywal says the scandal involving former Charlotte Mayor raises the issue that the city council needs to revisit its codes for taxi's and limos.

"The whole rules and the relations and the ordinance of the taxi industry and limousine needs to be looked at," he said.

"We have not decided if were gonna take a look at anything yet."

Mayor Pro Tem Michael Barnes has a very full plate.

In addition to selecting a replacement for Cannon, he and other council members must decide what policies to revisit.

"The council spent a lot of times over the last three or four years working on taxi cab issues and it's something we'll probably revisit at some point, " Barnes said.

In recent days it has surfaced that Cannon allegedly solicited bribes from local cab companies in exchange for airport contracts.

Council member Patsy Kinsey feels the conversations should go beyond taxis.

She said, "I think it's worth looking at a lot of our ordinances every now and then. I wouldn't say that we shouldn't be doing that periodically."

Meanwhile, Maywal he's played by the rules and bought new vehicles and even credit card machines, and remains shut out of places like the airport.

"Of course, they won't even give me a chance to get to the airport," Mayal said.

Charlotte City Council is expected to name a new mayor on Monday night.

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