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Partially paralyzed man walks again thanks to new technology


Forty-three-year-old Peter Walker lost his ability to walk after a back injury in 2009 back injury. His right leg was paralyzed in the injury.

Since the loss of the use of his leg, Walker describes his life as having come to a standstill.

The military veteran says the significant loss of independence and quality of life is especially frustrating.

Walker says venturing from his home means frequent and dangerous falls, and even something as simple as cooking a meal brings a risk of serious harm.

The impact of his injury is emotional as well, seeing how his lack of effects his wife and daughter who are especially concerned for his well-being.

A new high tech medical device called a "C Brace" is helping Walker to walk again.

Programmed using microprocessors and sensors in real time, the C-Brace is new orthotic technology specifically developed to help people like Walker walk and avoid life in a wheelchair.

WBTV was with Walker on Wednesday when he tested out his new C-Brace at Level 4 Prosthetics & Orthotics in Concord.

Walker is already looking forward to getting out and back to his favorite past time of fishing, and for the first time he's been able to consider the possibility of a return to work.

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