WBTV Speak Out Editorial: United Way - A Job Well Done

WBTV Speak Out Editorial: United Way - A Job Well Done


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A big "congratulations" is in order for the United Way of Central Carolinas.

For the third consecutive year, they've met their campaign goal.

In three years in a tough economy, they've managed an 8% increase, topping out at $21.5 million raised for 2014.

Jane McIntyre, Executive Director of the United Way since 2009, attributes the campaign's continued success to both donors and hard-working agencies.

They've  demonstrated time and again that they can make miracles happen with United Way donations.

United Way of Central Carolinas focuses on three areas of need in our community: Children & Youth, Housing & Stability, and Health & Mental Illness.

The need for increased funding is always there.

For instance, In the United Way's local service area between 2008 and 2012, the number of children in poverty surged from 50,000 to 80,000.

McIntyre and her staff have done some miraculous work in the past five years rebuilding the agency's image --

an image tarnished somewhat by a previous administration.

Her amazing spirit, transparency and commitment to the United Way Central Carolinas are unparalleled.

Beneficiaries and citizens alike owe the organization a big "thank you."

And "thank you" also, to all who've given to our community through the United Way.

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