Ribbit! Frog discovery gains national attention for Catawba student

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - A Catawba College student and his brother have received some national notoriety after their discovery of two rare frogs, according to a news release provided to WBTV.

Christopher Bolick, a junior Honors student at Catawba College, has published his first biological note in the peer-reviewed journal, "Herpetological Review" vol. 25 issue No. 1.  His note regards a new county record for the SCAPHIOPUS HOLBROOKII or Eastern Spadefoot Toad in Washington County, Tennessee.
Chris, and his brother, Scott Bolick, located live specimens of the Eastern Spadefoot Toad alive on Liberty Church Road in Washington County, Tenn.  Two other localities within the county were also identified as being home to the Eastern Spadefoot Toad.
Chris reported that when he and his brother located the Eastern Spadefoot Toads they were not actually looking for them, but rather "walking the roads looking for amphibians that may have been out after some afternoon rainstorms."

The two were surprised to see the toads which they believed "were well outside of their range."
Chris added that he and his brother's sighting of these toads was "my first time seeing Spadefoots in the wild."