Ft. Hood Shooting Update; No Special Election

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Investigators at Fort Hood, Texas are looking into what triggered a soldier to open fire on other soldiers Wednesday, killing three people and wounding or injuring 16 others.  We have the very latest details on the investigation...including the identity of the gunman.

An Associated Press investigation has found that the Obama administration secretly financed a social network in Cuba to stir political unrest and undermine the country's communist government.

A Gaston County community is on alert this morning..after police say a masked man tried to lure a teenage girl into his car.

Charlotte Mecklenburg police say they used D-N-A to connect a South Carolina man to a rape that happened in Charlotte almost 24 years ago.

A search is on this morning for the man police say robbed a bank in Lincolnton...we'll show you the man's picture.

The North Carolina Board of Elections is investigating hundreds of cases where voters appear to have cast ballots in two states.

Authorities say two people trying to flee from a Darlington County sheriff's deputy were killed when their car struck a bridge and flipped and was then hit by the pursuing cruiser.

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