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SC Supreme Court judge denies York Co. casino


Catawba Indian Nation leaders say they're beyond disappointed that the state's only federally recognized tribe cannot have a casino on their reservation.

The state Supreme Court ruled, Wednesday, that a state law allowing gambling cruises to leave from South Carolina ports does not mean the Catawba Indian Nation can offer the same games at a gambling hall on its York County reservation.

Video gambling is banned in South Carolina.

A settlement agreement allowed the tribe to have gambling to the "same extent" as allowed under state law.

Tribe officials argued that since gambling cruises are allowed, so should a reservation casino.

Catawba Indian Nation Chief Bill Harris says the state is only hurting itself by not allowing a casino to be built.

"When you're looking at something that can bring 4,000 jobs to an area, then you're talking about a business. You're talking about economic impact, not only to the tribe, but to the state itself. To say I'm disappointed is going to be a mild statement," said Chief Harris.

Chief Harris says he'll be meeting with his attorneys over the next couple of days to decide what they'll do moving forward.

State prosecutors say gambling on cruises can't begin until the ship is in international waters and specifically bans any casino-like gambling in areas controlled by South Carolina.

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