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Environmental conditions being checked at Sun Valley High School

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Parents have complained about the conditions at Sun Valley High School to State Senator Tommy Tucker for quite some time. Now parents are getting action.

Several State and Union County health officials showed up to Sun Valley High School Wednesday to check for unhealthy conditions.

Sun Valley has had several leaks in the halls, classrooms and in the cafeteria.

"I see trash cans in the hallways," Student Noah Ford said. "I think it's really weird that we have to have that in the hallways."

Parents are concerned the school may be unhealthy for students.

"It's a problem," Parent Thomas Ford said. "And a distraction in the school."

Parts of the school's roof needs to be repaired. The district is waiting for money from the county to make the repairs. State Senator Tommy Tucker and state health officials toured the school to review potential indoor school air quality issues as a result of water leaking into the school.

"Just to come out here," the parent said. "Just to come out here is not good enough, but I hope they do something about it."

Parent Brenda Jacobson believes this tour is driven by parents who are upset over redistricting. She thinks parents who don't want their children to go to Sun Valley HS which is an older school are trying to prove the school is not safe.

"Because we aren't as pretty and shining as Cuthbertson and Marvin Ridge and Weddington," Jacobson said. "They are hoping that it will not happen so they will get to stay at their home school."

Tucker claims that is not the case. He says he is speaking up for all his constituents.

"I received letters though from parents," Tucker said. "That I'm sure are going to be redistricted and parents from existing students here at Sun Valley and other older schools and they want to make sure the indoor air quality is conducive to a learning environment for their children."

Officials say they will place findings in a report and will make it public. No word when that will happen.

Meanwhile Union County Public School district says the last time they had reports of mold in the school was in February and crews cleaned it up.

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