#Breaking: Powerful earthquake kills 5

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Overnight: Earthquake sparks tsunami warning in Chile

We have all the details on a powerful earthquake overnight in Chile. It registered at an 8.2 magnitude. So it's no surprise there is a tsunami warning right now for the immediate area. WBTV's Astrid Martinez is getting all the details on the damage it caused and just how many people are being confirmed dead.

They haven't been the biggest fans of the former mayor of Charlotte, and since the allegations against Patrick Cannon they're now speaking out. Some taxi cab drivers say they have been approached before by Patrick Cannon's "people" to pay big money in order to get access to business at the Charlotte airport. We'll tell you why they say people are now believing their story.

NEW INFO: Another big story we're following is a three-county chase some suspects took police on. A man and woman have been taken into custody. We learned new information on when and where the drugs were that officials say the female suspect was carrying.

Plus...was the joke on you for April Fool's Day? We have a story about a joke on college employee decided to play and ended up being charged with a crime!

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