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Cannon’s political mentor speaks out


Twenty plus years before Patrick Cannon would become mayor, prior to James Mitchell ever being elected to council, and when David Howard considered a career in politics, they all sought the blessings of Ron Leeper.

"I pray that Patrick even though he goes through this difficult period in his life that he remembers some of the conversations we had. It can also be a test for him as well," he said.

The allegations against the councilman who once occupied Leeper's old district 3 seat has left him sad, stunned and heartbroken.

The former councilman said, "You can go probably go down the line and find a lot of people that I've been credited with for being their mentor."

As much as Leeper is concerned about Cannon, he is also keeping tabs on city council and the selection process regarding who Charlotte's next mayor will be.

"The Lord only gives us certain roles to play and part of mine was sowing seeds of encouragement, and seeds of direction. Then it's up to the individual to decide whether, he's gonna take that advice or that direction."Leeper said. "Of course some do and some don't."

Leeper is concerned about how the city council finds a new mayor, but his focus is making sure the person he mentored survives this very personal storm.

"He's still got to go through a process, a legal process. I hope whatever the outcome is, there will be some lessons learned that he will go back to his roots and base just as a person who cares about others beyond himself," he said.

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