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Many in NC moving for medical marijuana

Another North Carolina family is moving to Colorado to get a strain of medical marijuana for their sick child. It's illegal in the Carolinas.
Dylan Morely says it's their last hope for his daughter, Mia.

"We've hit the end of the rope for Mia's medications," he said Monday night. "We are all out of options currently available."

Dylan and his wife Kelly are moving Mia and their other two children across the country to get Mia on "Charlotte's Web", a type of CBD oil. CBD oils are made from marijuana but has most of the THC – the stuff that gets you high – removed. What's left is a drug high in CBD – what's known as the therapeutic side of marijuana.
It can't get you stoned. You don't even smoke it.
"Charlotte's Web" is being given to children who suffer from types of pediatric epilepsy. So far it has shown great anecdotal success.

The moving truck came late last week to the Morely's home. Dylan says he's driving it out Thursday. His wife will fly out with the kids on Saturday.
"We've been let down time and time again with conventional medications," says Kelly. "We are no stranger to heartbreak -- of all the things we've tried, we feel this has strongest chance to work."

Dylan agrees. They've sold furniture to make extra money to move. Dylan is leaving his job at a Wilmington Toyota dealership where he was the finance manager. He has been in talks with people, but doesn't have another job set.
Leaving behind a career that I've spent a long time building, trying to start over there," he says. "It's a difficult move to make."
Difficult, but optimism remains. Hope is high.
"Lots of families are in the same situation we are," he says. "Families across the country are flocking because so few states are as advanced when it comes to these CBD oils. We're lucky to be able to say that when we arrive, we've got a great community of families who we don't even know, waiting for us with open arms."
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