Local student gets big surprise on Queen Latifah Show

Talk Show Surprise

A soft spoken Ashley Booth was at work when she got the phone call. Last week she was invited to be on the Queen Latifah show in L. A. She was to be on a plane the next day. It's just that she didn't really know the real reason why.

The show, which airs Monday afternoon on WBTV, is an episode to raise awareness for the United Negro College Fund, and Ashley thought that's what she was there to discuss.

While Ashley was on stage, Queen Latifah invited her mother to join her, "You are going home with a lot more than just a tablet," Queen Latifah said. "In fact you have been named the UNCF Rising Star Scholar for 10-thousand dollars."

A stage assistant then delivered a giant $10,000 check to a tearful Ashley and her mother. Ashley said they were tears of joy.Her mother lost her job recently, and money for school doesn't grow on trees.

"We had been struggling recently with money for tuition and room and board and meals," Ashley said.

But the one check wasn't the end of the big day. Queen Latifah then presented another matching check from the Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation.

And then another check from Sony for another $10,000.

With $30,000 in college scholarships sitting in her lap, Ashley choked back the tears for a few words.

3:13-"I'm just so thankful, I really am. I'm just so thankful."

Queen Latifah airs weekdays at 3 p.m. on WBTV.

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