Good News: Noah's Big Shot

Noah's Big Shot

Seventh grader Noah Page is developmentally disabled. But like a lot of 7th grade boys, he eats sleeps and dreams basketball. His dream to make his middle school team though, didn't happen.

But he made the best water boy the Mount Pleasant Tigers have likely ever had.

"Whatever we needed he was there, 'Coach, do you need anything, coach can I help?" said coach Josh Cook.

A few weeks ago, at their last home game, Coach Josh decided it was time to thank Noah.

He coordinated an experience with the opposing team, to let Noah suit up and get the ball and score at least one basket during an actual game. Noah's buddy and teammate Brett Laws, was his on-court captain.

"I was supposed to dribble down with Noah and hand him the ball and let him shoot," Brett said. And he did just that. So with a uniform just like everybody else, and shoes just like everybody else, Noah got a reaction from the crowd, nobody's ever gotten before.

After two tries he made his basket and the crowd went wild. Assistant Principal Rachel Deer went wildest, "That was the true example of inclusion. That was students accepting other kids with special needs."

A whole gym full of people were supporting him. This was one experience Noah will remember forever.

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