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EMAIL: Wife of Patrick Cannon fired from real estate job


Days after former Charlotte mayor Patrick Cannon was arrested on federal corruption charges by the FBI, his wife has been fired from her real estate job.

WBTV obtained an internal email from the President and Chief Operating Officer of Allen Tate Real Estate, Pat Riley.

In the email, Riley notified employees that Cannon's wife, Trenna, has been an agent with the Ballantyne office.

"Given that the case is under federal investigation, we have surrendered Trenna's license to the State, effective immediately," Riley's email states.

WBTV has learned that Cannon's real estate license is still valid in North Carolina, but she is no longer employed with Allen Tate.

Charlie Moody  with the  North Carolina Real Estate Commission (NCREC) says Allen Tate's internal email is not factual.

According to Moody, the company can't surrender an agent's license because "surrendering" would be a mutual act and the agent would have to agree.

Moody says the NCREC could take disciplinary action and revoke Trenna Cannon's license, but that move has not been discussed.

In the internal email, Riley says the company must allow the investigation into Patrick Cannon take its due course and asked employees to "not engage in any speculation or gossip concerning the case in any type of venue."

The email continues that the company is focused on what is the best for Charlotte.

"While saddened by the news of allegations, we are thankful that Patrick Cannon stepped aside at this time so the city can move forward," Riley said in his email.

Trenna Cannon has not been charged with any crimes as of Friday morning, but was listed on multiple pages in the affidavit against her husband, Patrick.

According to the affidavit, an undercover FBI agent paid for a trip to Las Vegas for Patrick and Trenna Cannon in July 2013, while he was serving as Mayor Pro Tem for the city of Charlotte.

The all-expense paid trip, plus $6,000 cash were reportedly in exchange for Cannon attending what he thought was a foreign investors meeting.

At the meeting, Cannon reportedly misrepresented his relationship with the undercover agent and promised to use his official position to help the agent's "development projects in Charlotte," according to the affidavit.

Patrick Cannon reportedly asked the undercover agent for spending money for his wife while in Vegas.

According to the affidavit, "$1,000 in cash was given to Cannon when they arrived at their hotel, in close proximity to his wife."

During a meeting with the undercover agent, the next day, Patrick Cannon called Trenna on his phone and put her on speaker phone, according to documents.

"Trenna Cannon personally thanked [the undercover agent] for the $1,000 cash payment that was provided to the Cannons the previous day," the affidavit states.

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