Woman charged with trying to burn neighbor's home after text message dispute

Brittany Kennedy
Brittany Kennedy

A disagreement with her neighbor over text messages landed one woman in jail when she allegedly tried to burn down her neighbor's home.

According to a report with the Rowan Sheriff's Office, a woman who lives in the 500 block of E. Ridge Road was getting vulgar and threatening text messages from her neighbor, Brittany Kennedy, 19.

The woman called the sheriff's office about the messages, angering Ms. Kennedy.

On Wednesday the victim in the case was leaving her home when she noticed Ms. Kennedy standing in her own yard.  She said later it appeared Ms. Kennedy was trying to stomp out a small grass fire.

Minutes later, the woman says Ms. Kennedy called her on the phone to tell the woman that her house was on fire, but that she (Kennedy) had called the fire department.

The woman turned around and went back home, arriving to find the fire department and Kennedy standing in the driveway.

Fire investigators interviewed Kennedy, and told deputies that Kennedy at first denied starting the fire, but when firefighters told her that the strong smell of gas had aroused their suspicions, she then made an admission, saying that she poured gas from a red can onto small plants at the back of the victim's home.

According to the report, when she saw that the fire might spread to the house, she panicked and called 911 because "she didn't want the house to burn down."

Kennedy was charged with attempted second degree arson, second degree trespassing, and using the phone to threaten bodily harm.

She was jailed under a bond of $2500.