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Former FBI, CIA officials weigh in on Cannon investigation


Things were quiet outside former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon's house Thursday night, but the investigation is well underway. WBTV spoke to a retired FBI agent and former CIA analyst about the case, to understand what may be going on behind the scenes.
WBTV spoke to retired FBI agent Randy Walker. He worked for the bureau for 21 years, investigating white collar crime and managing polygraph tests. Walker also did undercover work, similar to the Cannon case. Walker says there are likely two reasons FBI agents waited until after Cannon became Mayor to make their move.
"The investigation might have not been concluded. Whether or not they were looking at additional people that might have been involved and even the affidavit talks about him dealing with people in the administration trying to get things done," Walker said.
Walker says the second reason for the timing of the arrest is straightforward and simple.
"The FBI does not want to affect the political process as going through the campaign. They wouldn't want to arrest him and being then accused of affecting a political process of taking down a potential candidate," he said.
On Wednesday, FBI agents left Cannon's home with computers and other electronics.
"What a gold mine of information," said former CIA computer
Walton is also an attorney and runs his own business in Charlotte called Reliance Forensics. He says Cannon's cell phone and iPad could potentially carry even more dirty laundry.
"The more recent ones (Apple products) are more difficult for forensic investigators to pull data from. If you're talking about a Droid, it's very easy to pull deleted data. It's very easy to often extract passwords and things like that," he said.
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