Mayor Pro Tem Michael Barnes explains business deal with former mayor

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The Federal government is reviewing former Mayor Patrick Cannon's business dealings both past and present. It's all part of his ongoing corruption case.

One company Cannon created was called Brittrick Energy. He formed it with current Mayor Pro Tem Michael Barnes.

"It provided electrical service lighting services," Barnes said. "He asked if I wanted to be involved in it and there were three of us - me, him and another person."

According to paperwork from the North Carolina Department of Secretary of State WBTV obtained, the company didn't last long. It shut down fall 2013.

"It took a lot more time than I would have expected," Barnes said. "And it did not generate enough business to justify."

The Mayor ProTem is aware the Federal Government is now reviewing Brittrick's financial records including balance sheets, deposit and withdrawal sheets, statements of assets and statements of cash flows.  He believes no corruption will surface from Brittrick.

"Nothing we saw yesterday, (Cannon's allegations)" Barnes said. "Bubbled up during that venture."

Barnes explained his function at Brittrick Energy.

"I assisted the project manager with making sure things got done," Barnes said. "We did about two or three projects and that was the end of it."

Barnes told WBTV he has nothing to hide when it comes to his partnership at Brittrick Energy.  He said the company didn't make much of a profit.