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Governor Pat McCrory responds to Mayor Cannon allegations


Insurance giant Metlife opening its retail headquarters in Ballantyne Thursday, and it should have been a celebratory event. The focus instead was on Patrick Cannon's shocking arrest.

Governor Pat McCrory was in town to cut the ribbon at Metlife.  But most of the questions aimed at him were about Cannon. 

Asked if he had previously had any doubts about Cannon's reputation, McCrory steered the conversation towards a wider topic.

"Let me just say this," McCrory said. "Charlotte's reputation has just been second to none. And I'm going to pivot and work with leaders who I know believe in this city…"

But McCrory and Cannon go way back – and when WBTV's Melissa Hankins asked the governor about the way Cannon threw around McCrory's name when dealing with the undercover FBI agents – McCrory's response was raw.

"Governor, in the complaint – in the conversations recorded there – your name is mentioned," Hankins said. "Cannon seems to be touting his ties with you. How did that make you feel?"
McCrory struggled to answer, appearing emotional.

"The wound is still open," he said. "And it's too early for me to comment on that. There's a personal wound that's going to take a lot of time to recover with regards to that personal relationship. But my relationship to the city is the relationship that I care about most…and I'm going to do everything I can to make sure that relationship is strong."

Mayor Pro Tem Michael Barnes was also at MetLife – appearing on stage in Cannon's place. But Barnes said he does not want to be Charlotte's next Mayor.

"I have no plans of seeking the office," Barnes said.

It won't be an easy job for whoever steps in.

"How worried are you that others could be implicated here?" Hankins asked him.

"As I said yesterday," Barnes replied, "it's an ongoing investigation, the Feds are doing their job and so we have to let that play out."

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