Dayton's Morgan Miller gives locals a reason to pull for the Flyers

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Her priceless reaction has made her the "sweetheart of the sweet 16," but did you know the wife of the head coach of the Dayton Flyers is from our area?  And not only that, Morgan Miller was the subject of a WBTV story way back in 1997.

I'll admit it, I just didn't make the connection until I saw the pictures in Thursday's Salisbury Post column by Mark Wineka. I immediately thought 'I know that girl!'

I knew her as Morgan Cruse back in 1997, but now she's Morgan Miller, and an NCAA tournament basketball game and her reaction to Dayton beating Syracuse got a lot of attention.

"Right place, right time is probably what it was," Miller told me today.  She chatted on the phone for a few minutes while she was in the Nike Store in Memphis.

Morgan is the wife of Dayton head coach Archie Miller.  They two met on a blind date while they were students at NC State, but back in '97, Morgan was in school at North Rowan High.

WBTV did a story then on how well she maintained a very busy schedule that had her constantly on the go.

"I don't watch TV any, I go to practice, go home, change clothes, do my homework, go to work, come home and go to sleep," Morgan said at the time.

Is she still that busy?

"Yes, I think I am," Morgan said on Thursday.   "I was able to juggle being sure we had thirty family and friends to be able to come and that it was all good on the accommodations, taking care of all that, I think I can still juggle a lot of things."

And she's now mother to a 9 year old girl who Morgan says loves spending time around the basketball court.

Life and Archie's career have taken them a lot of places.  Now Dayton is in the NCAA Sweet 16 with a big game tonight with Stanford.

"I just want our guys to go out there an play their best and I think if we go out there and play our best, we'll be okay." Miller added.

Her now famous "Dayton High Life" tee shirt brings the team luck, she says, and it also helps out a local business in Dayton.

Morgan says she's enjoying the attention, especially when something good can from it.  She also says she's grateful that so many folks back in her hometown will be pulling for her husband's team in the tournament.

"We're enjoying life a lot right now," Morgan said.

Morgan is the daughter of Steve and Susan Cruse.