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Students, parents upset about nun's message about homosexuals


Charlotte Catholic High School is getting backlash from students and parents after a school assembly last week.

Students said that a guest speaker discussed offensive material about divorce and homosexuality.

Sister Jane Dominic, with Aquinas College in Nashville, has a doctorate in sacred theology.

But her message about the influence divorce has on gender identification and homosexuality didn't go over so well.

David Hains, with the Charlotte Diocese, shared some of the focal points of Sister Jane Dominic's presentation.

"Is a homosexual person born that way, or do they develop that way? There is no real answer," Hains said. "She was presenting more the side of the argument that homosexuality is something that develops in someone. They are not born with it."

The way that material was presented has students and parents in an uproar.

In an online petition, which now has close to 1,800 signatures, one student wrote "we found some of (the) ideas expressed to be both offensive and unnecessarily derogatory. We are incensed that you knew the content of this speech and allowed these ideas to be expressed in a school that should be preaching a message of love and acceptance."

Diocese leaders admit that parents were never notified that the assembly was being held.

However, diocese leaders told WBTV parents will have their voices heard.

"We hear the parents' concerns. We hear the students' concerns. There is going to be a meeting at the school next Wednesday to basically kind of air this whole thing out," Hains said.

In the meantime, a second petition has also been created in support of Sister Jane Dominic's message. That petition has approximately 200 signatures.

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