Clerks in 8 stores cited for alcohol sold to underage customer

Salisbury Police issued citations to workers in 8 local shops after they sold alcohol to an underage customer without asking for identification.

"Operation Alcohol" took place over several nights at different locations throughout the city.

The police used a 20 year old volunteer who was wired for sound as he attempted to buy beer at each location.

Captain Sheila Lingle told WBTV that while most stores followed the policy of asking for identification and refusing to sell when it was determined that the customer was underage, several did not comply.

Citations were given to workers at Food Lion, 2104 Statesville Boulevard, Citgo, 1509 E. Innes, Circle K, 1015 E. Innes, Red's Mart, 1014 W. Innes, Rushco #4, 1901 W. Innes, Rushco, 2004 Statesville Blvd., and Kangaroo, 2270 Statesville Blvd.

ALE was also notified and will follow up with store owners.  Violations of this nature can lead to a store losing its license to sell alcohol, according to Lingle.