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Lake Wylie residents concerned over ‘Pump and Haul’ sewage operation

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A problem that has been going on in Tega Cay for decades is now spilling over into a neighboring city.

For years, Tega Cay residents have been dealing with sewage spills caused by old pipes that continue to leak or burst during heavy rainfall.

Now residents in Lake Wylie will have to deal with sewage being brought to their city to help alleviate sewage spills in Tega Cay.

"No, don't bring it here. Do not bring it here," said Lake Wylie resident Darnell Stevenson.

Stevenson says the thought of sewage being transported from Tega Cay to the River Hills system just doesn't sit well with him and he's not alone.

"It's filthy. Keep it to yourself. It's unsanitary. I don't approve of it," said Lake Wylie resident Amber Sluiter.

EPA officials say more than nearly a half million gallons of untreated sewage was spilled into Lake Wylie from January first of last year to January second of this year.

In February, state health officials gave Utilities Inc., the owner of Tega Cay Water Services, until last week to have an equalization tank installed to help prevent future sewage spills into Lake Wylie.

The company didn't meet that deadline and is being fined $10,000 each day until construction is complete and those costs cannot be passed onto customers.

During construction, Utilities Inc. officials say they will use pumper trucks to transport sewage to Lake Wylie during heavy rain events.

"Where the problem occurs, they should fix it. Not bring it here," said Stevenson.

The problem is not only affecting folks in Lake Wylie, but nearby residents of the construction in Tega Cay.

One resident says between the pumper trucks and construction equipment, things can get a bit annoying.

"It woke me up at night because they were running 24 hours there for a while and they're making some racket," said Tega Cay resident Steve Menchinger.

Officials at Utilities Inc. say State Health officials are fully aware of their "Pump and Haul" operation and they say the River Hills system has the capacity to manage the additional volume of waste.

City of Tega Cay officials are in discussions to buy the sewer system from Utilities Inc., it's just one of several options being explored by city officials.


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