Early spring surprise

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron in the WBTV Newsroom.

Please join us tonight at 11:00PM for the latest on a bout of cold, possibly snowy weather for some of us during the next 48 hours. Eric Thomas is sizing up the First Alert Forecast and may have some early spring surprises in store.

Any chance the old Eastland Mall site in Charlotte could become a movie studio died at city council tonight-- for the time being. Reporter David Spunt says there's a chance the project could live for another day several years down the road, but for tonight, council voted to table the idea of backing the venture.

Prospects for finding anyone else alive under the mudslide near Seattle are not good. While 108 people are unaccounted for, searchers pulled 8 bodies out of the mud field. 30 homes were destroyed when rain softened earth gave way and caught people by surprise.

And make sure to hear Molly Grantham's news tonight. We'll spill the beans on a personal moment in her life that some have been speculating on.

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