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Still skiing with more snow possibly on the way

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Mitch VanSant just smiled as he looked up the slopes at Sugar Mountain Ski Resort on Monday. "Last bit of winter we could get in and it's been great."

Mitch and his family came up from Fort Lauderdale hoping to ski a little before the season ends. He could get more than just a few runs in.

Sugar Mountain will stay open at least until Sunday says Gunther Jochl. "That's the plan right now." 

The extended season is due to all the snow that is already on the slopes and because another blast of winter weather is possible on Tuesday. "We could have several inches of new snow," said Jochl.

That's exactly what folks like the VanSant family was hoping for. 11 year old Brock has skied many times but has never seen snow falling. "I'm really hoping it will snow tomorrow," he said.

Sugar Mountain is the only ski resort in the immediate area that is still open. Beech and Appalachian resorts shut down over the weekend. Not for lack of snow, said Appalachian's Brad Moretz. "It's just time," he said.

Appalachian's closing date was set months ago so employees could make plans for trips and to switch to other jobs for the upcoming summer months.  While workers there will get a break if snowfall returns on Tuesday, Department of Transportation crews will not.

"We'll be ready if the snow comes," said Avery County Highway Maintenance Engineer Jery Combs.

The plows are lined up for the nightside crew to use if needed. Combs is hoping this might be the last blast of winter weather but knows that April and even May can bring winter surprises.

"We've seen it before," he said.

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