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Judge blocks temporary restraining order against redistricting

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Union County Superior Court judge decided Monday not to grant parents a temporary restraining order to put a hold on redistricting. The judge says she could not find how students would be harmed by redistricting. 

About 50 parents showed up to hear the arguments. They packed the courtroom and they left somewhat defeated.

"They are not listening to us," one Union County Public School parent said. "They say they're listening - we are speaking and no one is listening. It's a disheartening day again."

Kim Hillegas is one of 15 plaintiffs suing the Union County School district. She wants an injunction to prevent redistricting. She says Monday's defeat is just a setback.

"I'm excited," Hillegas said. "We are moving forward."

The case continues Friday morning at 10. At that time all emails and communication among school board members regarding redistricting dating from January 1, 2014 to March 24th will be reviewed. Parents hope those communications will show how school board members violated open meeting laws.

Lawyers for the parents claim there was a script board members used when deciding to shuffle about 3,000 students to different schools. They claim the process was sneaky and illegal. The allegation is the board's attorney even reviewed the script. The problem is the plaintiffs say that script was not reviewed by all board members. And they claim that violates the open meeting laws.

The school board's attorney, Richard Schwartz, alleges the parents' lawsuit is a bunch of steamy words with nothing to back it up. Schwartz said in the courtroom there is no evidence to prove the school board did anything wrong when deciding to redistrict.

Hillegas said if the judge threw out the lawsuit on Monday, she would have given up. But she hopes Friday's hearing will show proof the process to redistrict was tainted and should be reviewed.

Parents have already raised about $11,000 to fund the lawsuit.

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