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Vance HS teacher uses the web to get iPads for students

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A Vance High School business teacher is resorting to the web to get technology to her students. 

Leah Miller is a first year teacher.  Her new assignment is to get four iPads for her students to use. She says the devices go hand in hand with her entrepreneurship class.

"Handheld technology is the wave of the future," Miller said. "And children are driven by being able to use that in the classroom."

Miller is using That is a non profit organization that allows people to go online and donate directly to classroom projects. Miller says she can no longer depend on the school district, the county nor the state to provide money for iPads.

"As a teacher," Miller said. "You are responsible for your classroom and you are responsible for making that greater and better. And anything you can do to improve the lives of your children, that's just part of the job."

About 70% of the students at Vance qualify for free and reduced lunch.  That means majority of the students can't afford to buy an iPad.

"There's a spectrum of students," Vance HS Assistant Principal Kristen Lanier said. "And within that spectrum some have technology at home and some don't have technology at home - And what we are trying to do is to close that circle with those students."

Administrators say since budgets are still tight, teachers are forced to think outside the box.

"We have seen a trend over the past couple of years," Lanier said. "In which we had to reach outside of the school to provide additional - the over and beyond's inside of the classroom."

Students says having the technology makes a difference.

"It keeps the kids interested," Vance HS Student Travaris Anderson said. "And focused, because they learn something new."

Miller claims the iPads will also prepare students for college. She says they can come to her class during lunch time and handle college applications.

"I can have three students or more working at a time," Miller said. "And we can really buckle down and nail some of those college things they are looking forward to."

Miller hopes enough people will donate so she can get the iPads.  She says she will keep going until she has enough technology for all her students.

Once people log on the money goes directly to Best Buy.  They will hold the money in an account until enough has been collected and the iPads will be delivered to Miller.

If you would like to donate click here.

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