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Police arrest suspect in officer-involved shooting

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Jimmie Harris Jr. Jimmie Harris Jr.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Police said they've caught the man who was in a shootout Thursday night with police officers in a residential neighborhood.

Officers said they have Jimmie Harris in custody.

Looking at the search warrant, it explains how an undercover officer was trying to complete a drug deal with Harris. The investigator wrote the dealer's street name is "Black."  It said Black robbed the officer at gunpoint and ran out of a car. The warrant obtained by WBTV said when back up was called for help, Black fired at officers and officers fired back.

Thursday night, officers descended on Jordans Pond Lane in Coulwood.

"We've been down this road before as it relates to undercover operations. There's no perfect location or situation for these," explained Chief Rodney Monroe, "You're pretty much at the whim of that particular dealer. We thought we had the proper coverage in place in order to contain it but as you can see this individual did get away."

People in Coulwood said gunfire is unusual.

"It's pretty alarming," said Travis Thompson, "You never want to come home to something like this."

Some neighbors weren't home during the violent exchange, but others like Cecil Caldwell and his kids were home before 8 o'clock.

"Someone was out there shooting," said Cecil Caldwell.

In the light of day, spray paint marks where the gun shots were fired.  Police said Jimmie Harris, known as Black shot first at officers and Sgt. Keith Caviness shot back.  Caviness is not the same officer who was undercover and who investigators said was robbed by Harris during the drug deal.

Caldwell said he heard at least ten gunshots exchanged outside of his home.

"The many people that be out here, the kids and everybody," said Caldwell, "I'm just lucky no one got hit."

Police said no one was injured, but Harris did shoot and kill a dog before he escaped.

Police said the Violent Criminal Apprehension Team and SWAT caught Harris on the 6200 block of South Boulevard.

As officers walked Harris into the police station he said he is, "innocent."

Harris is facing multiple charges including attempted murder, assault with a firearm on a law enforcement officer, armed robbery and possession of a firearm by felon. 

Police said he's also wanted in South Carolina for an unrelated attempted murder.

The officer involved in the shooting, Sgt. Caviness, has been placed on paid administrative leave, which is standard procedure whenever there is an officer-involved shooting.

He was hired by CMPD on January 25, 1995, and is assigned to the CMPD's Special Investigations Bureau.

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