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911 tapes released of Burke Co shooting


Recordings of radio calls from the day U.S. Forest Service Officer Jason Crisp was killed in Burke County have been released by officials.

They paint a picture of a massive search for Troy Whisnant.

The search began after the bodies of his parents were found in their home March 12.

"The suspect is Troy Whisnant," Detective Rodney Norman is heard saying on the recordings. "Consider him armed and dangerous," he added.

As the search continued and canine units were called in, among them were Jason Crisp and his dog Maros. The two picked up Whisnant's trail and headed into the woods. At mid-afternoon, the sound of gunfire was heard at the command post nearby.

"Shots fired, Shots fired," said one officer into the radio. At the time authorities were not sure what had happened, but then an officer made the discovery.

"I've come down a hill," said one deputy over the radio, "And I've found the officer and his canine."  As he checked the condition of the downed officer he discovered something missing. "He took his pistol, his pistol and his magazines."

It wasn't long after that Sheriff Steve Whisenant made the radio call that everyone dreaded. " We're gonna be going to contact federal authorities. The officer is deceased."

As the search for the suspect intensified, he was spotted running through the backyard of a home. Officers converged on the area and gunfire broke out.

Whisnant was found dead. He's been hit with an officer's bullet but had also turned the weapon he had been holding on himself.

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