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Despite NC laws Army vet plans to stock up on marijuana for PTSD


A North Carolina Army veteran says he will travel to Colorado this week to stock up on medical marijuana to help cure his post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

"You just can't find the best medicine here in North Carolina," Dorr said.

WBTV first introduced you to Robert Dorr in January when he called police on himself for growing plants inside his Union County home.

Dorr turned over his stash of homegrown plants and says he called authorities to make a statement.

He tells WBTV his PTSD is worse without marijuana, that's why he's heading to Colorado for ten days.

"I'm going to purchase as much as I can and make it find its way back here, where it belongs in North Carolina with patients," he said.

Attorneys tell WBTV that bringing marijuana from Colorado to North Carolina is illegal and it's a federal offense, but Dorr doesn't seem to mind.

"It's medication. Why would I be prohibited from doing that?" he said.

Dorr says he needs a new supply of medical marijuana to curb his PTSD. Despite critics, he insists getting high is not the reason he uses the drug.

"That's not the objective or goal. You just want to be able to function like an ordinary person," he said.

Dorr will appear before a judge on April 8 in Monroe. The appearance stems from when Dorr called authorities on himself.

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