On scene now: Car vs. Train

Hello. This is Christine Nelson checking in at 4:30 a.m. It's Wednesday, March 19. I want to give you a quick heads up on the stories making headlines right now. Tune in to WBTV News This Morning for complete details.

NOW: We have a crew on the scene of a train vs. car accident. This happened in Cherryville this morning on Highway 150 and Hepzibah Church Road . We understand one person was in the vehicle at the time the car was hit. We're working our contacts there now to get more information and we'll pass it along on the air.

A woman is in custody in Monroe. She was arrested overnight for murder. We just got her mugshot in-house. Information is supposed to come out later today detailing what officials say she did.

Crisis in Ukraine: Ukrainian troops are moving towards Crimea following the first violent confrontation at one of the country's military facilities.

Also, two people are waking up mega millionaires! We'll explain.

See you on the air!