Hello spring, so-long winter

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron in the WBTV Newsroom.

Snow, sleet, freezing rain-- we've seen it all this week as the Carolina winter mix ends just as the official start of spring begins. But hold on, Eric Thomas says while we may have a few days of sunshine, the cold is headed back in. He'll have the latest forecast.

A bizarre death investigation on going tonight. Police found a house with a dead man inside and a room full of explosives. 24 hours after the discovery - investigators still don't know how he died, or why. They did have to detonate a home made pipe bomb at the home off Sharon Amity Road.

Just like two weeks ago when the last snowstorm hit Charlotte, there's more trouble with falling ice uptown. Huge chunks of ice came crashing down during today's mini-melt. And tonight, reporter Coleen Harry, checks back on a family who lives under a radio tower in Gaston County where ice balls have punctured holes in his home's roof. Coleen says not much has changed in two week's time.

Yet another twist in the information about the missing jetliner. Malaysia Airlines 777 disappeared almost two weeks ago and tonight a report cites U.S. officials raised the possibility that the plane's turn west was pre-programmed into an on-board computer possibility before the plane took off.

So what do you make of the missing jet? Conspiracy? Piracy? Suicide? Catastrophic failure? That's our trending question tonight. Go to WBTV's facebook page to join the discussion.

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