6 extra weeks of winter? Thanks groundhog

Blame the groundhog

It was a sunny day in February, Queen Charlotte saw her shadow. The local celebrity rodent takes residence at the Charlotte Nature Museum and makes an annual appearance as a weather prognosticator.

This particular year, she did see her shadow, thus ushering in 6 extra weeks of brutal winter weather.

So we decided to confront the cat-sized creature to ask questions. At first, she snapped and refused to come out of her burrow.

"She's just sleepy, she was up earlier," Queen Charlotte's handler Gail Lemiec said. While Gail is paid to make the Royal rodent look good, there's no spinning what the groundhog did next.

An agitated Queen Charlotte emerged from her burrow only to knock over the camera recording her. Then she proceeded to aggressively sniff said camera.

She never offered any excuses for her forecast, but Gail offered an insight to some of the criticism she's recently received for the shadow-sighting.

"Her public means a lot to her. She is a public figure and she really takes that very seriously," said Gail.

Our Meteorologist Kelly Franson offered her own insight. "It is not the groundhog's fault."

Kelly explained the winter months haven't exactly been longer, they've just been on some-what of a roller coaster. With some weeks seeing as much as 30 degrees difference in daily high temps.

Any journalist worth their salt will admit when they may possibly be slightly wrong a little bit.

And so, I apologize on behalf of anyone who ever blamed a rodent for rotten weather. As they say, she's just the messenger. A very clumsy, but super cute messenger.

For more information on Charlotte's own groundhog, check out the Charlotte Nature Museum's website at http://www.charlottenaturemuseum.org/

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