Union County reacts to the death of Kilah Davenport

UNION COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - The death of Kilah Davenport has reopened tender wounds in a town that's still getting over a lengthy trial that found her former stepfather Joshua Houser guilty.

Deputies with Union County Sheriff's department confirm more questions are being asked about the little girl's death, but everyone is proceeding with caution as it relates to Houser facing new charges.

Ben Bailey is the Chief Deputy of Union County Sheriff's Office.

"Immediately thereafter we were in touch with Authorities in Cabarrus County," Bailey said. "We work with them to continue to look at evidence in the case and we work with them in their investigation as well."

Houser was convicted by a so-called jury of his peers for child abuse, but his case is now being retried in the court of public opinion.

Duke's Grill in Monroe has been a community mainstay for more than 60 years, and conversation over Kilah's case played prominently during the lunch time rush.

Union County Resident Rodger Williams followed Houser's trial.

"I wasn't satisfied with the first sentence that he got and now that she died," he said. "They ought to take him back to court again, and charge him with murder."

Eight to 10 years, that's the sentence that Houser initially received, and blocks from the courthouse along Main street business owners say the town is still coming to grips with the last verdict.

Walt Gibson has owned a downtown record store for the last 26 years.

He said, "It was the main thing in Monroe itself, when you're dealing with a child that makes a big difference there."

In a prepared statement D.A. Trey Robinson No decision regarding any further charging of Joshua Houser can be made at this time.

Meanwhile, Sheriff's deputies in Union County are continuing their investigation.

"All of that will be forwarded to the district attorney and we'll rely on his guidance for any additional prosecution in the case," Bailey said.