Should tougher charges be filed for Kilah Davenport abuser?

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It was so sad to get the news that Kilah Davenport passed away. Remember, she is the little girl from Union County who suffered brain damage at the hands of her stepfather when he threw her against a wall. He's serving time in prison for the crime, but now that she has passed should Joshua Houser be charged with her death?? We're finding out who would be making that decision to press tougher charges.

Marshville authorities think they have solved a murder mystery. We have been staying on top of the story of the woman found shot to death in her vehicle over the weekend. For days, no one knew what happened or who killed her until now. We'll tell you who police say finally confessed to the crime.

A long-time member of the school board in Union County will be laid to rest today.

Plus, the ACC Tournament is definitely a staple in the Carolinas. So why are we hearing it's moving to Brooklyn, New York?? And speaking of basketball, you can watch college basketball action live on WBTV starting today and through the weekend. And also on Bounce TV!

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