Oakboro's Ambassador: Meet Ted

Ted says hello

If you live in Oakboro or anywhere near the Stanly County town, you don't need to be introduced. Theodore Roosevelt Lilly is the name he was born with. But his true friends just call him Ted.

Just so you know, most every soul in this town of 18-hundred, calls him Ted.

Ted has become the soul of Oakboro. He spends most every single day walking in and out of the local businesses just saying "hello".

one of his favorite stops is the Home Savings Bank in Downtown. "Everybody knows Ted, everybody loves Ted and this town would not be the same without him."

People greet his smile with one of their own everywhere he goes.

"He just brings some sunshine to everybody's day and reminds us you know, how important life is," said one woman we found in a beauty shop with foils in her hair. She didn't mind being on TV because the subject was Ted.

He's an icon in Oakboro. Locals say he's a precious part of their community they couldn't do without.

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