Teen remains behind bars under $1 million bond after high school shooting

The teen accused of shooting a student at Salisbury High School in February will stay in jail under a bond of $1 million.

DaJuan Russell was in court today with his attorney Stephen Gray in Salisbury for a bond reduction hearing.

Police say that last month Russell, who was not a student, came onto the grounds at SHS near the gymnasium.  Russell got into an altercation with someone there when student Shaleek Williams tried to break up the fight.

Williams ended up getting shot in the stomach and has since recovered.

Russell was charged with assault inflicting serious injury, possession of a firearm on school property, and discharging a weapon on school property.

Bond was originally $250,000, but was raised to $1 million by Judge Kevin Eddinger.

In court today, Gray asked Judge Eddinger to reduce the bond so that he would be better able to talk to his client as they prepare their case.

"This young man is scared to death," Gray told the judge.  Gray also added that the state's case was "not overwhelming," and that no weapon has ever been found.

Assistant District Attorney Barrett Poplar countered that the evidence in the case is "overwhelming," and that there are at least 6 different individuals who have identified Russell as the shooter, and 3 more who saw it happen and gave descriptions of the shooter that all match Russell."

In addition, Poplar played cell phone video taken by a student at Salisbury High that he says shows the altercation.

The video was played in court for the judge, and while it could not be seen, it was clearly heard.  At one point on the video there is the loud sound of what seems to be a gun shot, followed by frantic screaming with one girl loudly crying "oh my God!"

"The victim walks outside where the defendant hits him and shoots him, a through and through shot, through the stomach area," Poplar added.   "Mr. Gray says, 'well he's not charged with murder,' that's true, by the grace of God.  If this was an inch higher or lower or even less he could have been charged with murder."

After both sides presented their arguments, Judge Eddinger gave a brief response, saying simply "the bond remains the same, thank you very much."

Shaleek Williams mother Kim told WBTV that she was pleased that the bond was left at $1 million, and she added that Shaleek has been doing well.

Williams was not in the courtroom on Wednesday.  According to the assistant district attorney, Kim Williams told him that her family didn't care to see Russell again unless they had to.

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