Smitty watch

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron coming to you from the WBTV Newsroom.

We just spoke exclusively with the daughter of a man who was killed in a fall while climbing Crowder's Mountain. It was the second climber accident on the same day. A 23-year old climber from St. Louis survived a fall at Shortoff Mountain in Burke County. He is in the hospital tonight with several injuries.

Tonight we're also hearing from a 92-year old former pastor who is suing Salisbury police. Revered J.W. Loy claims police officers slammed him to the ground at Salisbury Gardens last April. He says he remembers laying on the floor and praying. An attorney for the police department says Loy lifted his cane at officers, and the use of force was justified.

Smitty watch is on going. Will the Carolina Panthers trade, cut or keep their all-time leading pass catcher? With the NFL free agency period beginning today, rumors swirled that Steve Smith might be let go to free up room under the cap. Meantime, Panthers fans aren't pleased with what they see as unfair dealings with a player considered the heart and soul of the team.

Be sure to join us for Molly Grantham's story on a specific strain of medical marijuana which could become legal in North Carolina. The strain, known as Charlotte's Web, is helping epileptic children who suffer seizures. It is an oil extract which contains a chemical known as CBD. It has none of the THC which is the prime ingredient in providing people who smoke marijuana with a "high." Tonight, Molly shows us the little girl who could become the face of a proposed new law to legalize Charlotte's Web.

Plus, you won't believe the flames in downtown San Francisco tonight as a newly constructed office park turns into a raging inferno.

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