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Parents could file injunction to stop Union Co. redistricting


Union County parents are not giving up. They are ready to file an injunction this week to stop redistricting from happening in the county.

"We just think it is a flawed plan to begin with," Parent Jo Bochicchio said. "We tried everything we know - how to protest to trying to appear at meetings and we have been shut down, so it's unfortunate we have to go to court to get something done."

Bochicchio is a parent who is also a lawyer. He is offering his services to help fight redistricting. This is the first time the school district had to implement a county wide redistricting plan to handle growth.

School board members decided to shuffle about 3,000 students from overcrowded schools to less crowded schools.

Parents will soon file an injunction to immediately put a halt to redistricting. They think they have a strong case.

"We certainly wouldn't be doing it if we didn't have a chance." Bochicchio said.

Keith Howard is a professor at Charlotte School of Law. His specialty is education. He explains what has to be done to win an injunction.

"Must show that he or she will suffer some type of injury," Howard said. "If the relief or injunction is not granted. I think it is going to be a difficult sell."

Howard also gives examples of what would cause harm to students if they went to a different school.

"Are you arguing this school is less crowded," Howard said. "Has less advanced placement courses or less academically gifted courses or higher concentration of poor students - what's the harm."

Bochicchio wouldn't answer the question about how children would be injured or harm by switching schools.

"I really like to decline to comment," the parent said. "To answer that only gets into particulars that I am really not comfortable discussing until we flesh this thing out a little bit more."

Monday night Bochicchio will meet with a group of lawyers to further discuss what has to be done to win. In the meantime parents have raised several thousand dollars to help pay for a legal team.

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