New and dangerous game has experts concerned

A drinking game that started in Australia has experts all around the world concerned.  It's called Neknomiation.  It's part drinking game part dare.  The name is derived from the slang term to neck a bottle, to drink a bottle of booze quickly.  The nomination comes at the end of the challenge with a dare for friends to one up the drinker.

This game has turned deadly.  According to reports on CNN, at least five deaths are attributed Neknomination.    I only found a few 'Neknominations' based in the US.  Most of them are posted from Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom.  Substance abuse experts believe that now is the time to discuss this game with you kids and share the real danger in playing it.

"This is a lethal game," Dr. Sarah Jarvis, medical adviser for the UK-based charity Drinkaware, told CNN. "The point about alcohol is that it affects your ability to recognize that you're in danger, and it absolutely affects your ability to react to danger. So we have a double whammy."

Experts in the field of drug and alcohol believe talking to your child about the dangers of alcohol consumption and peer pressure are the first and best place to start.

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