Breaking: Person shot in Charlotte being transported

Hello. It's Monday, March 10. I hope you had a great weekend. It's Christine Nelson, just checking in really quickly to get you caught up on what's making headlines at this hour.

BREAKING: Just before 4 a.m. we heard some chatter on the scanner someone has been shot in north Charlotte. We just confirmed with officials that is in fact the case. We have a crew on scene now getting details on what happened. Watch for a live report at the very start of the 5 a.m. hour.

Happening today: Two very important meetings that the public will be interested in attending. One involves the status of Duke Energy's coal ash dump cleanup. And remember those cases of illegal chemical dumping in Charlotte? There's a public meeting scheduled too. WBTV's Astrid Martinez is on your side with the details you need to know if you would like to attend.

Also, support is growing by the day in Union County for parents who want to fight the recent vote to redraw school district lines. We'll tell you what happened just 24 hours ago.

See you on the air!