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Flying ice damaging Mooresville home, terrifying family


A family in Mooresville says they are dealing with a serious problem after Friday's storm. Robert Puskas says ice is falling from a broadcasting tower and damaging his home.

"If it hits you it will devastate you. No doubt." Puskas told WBTV's Coleen Harry.

So much ice is flying off the radio broadcasting tower behind Puskas' property, and on to his, he and his family couldn't even stand outside in the open.

"I'm afraid to get hit with ice" Puskas says. "So I've kind of walked around a little bit - not very much."

Puskas said the ice started falling late Friday morning, and that there was no missing the signs of trouble.

"My son was hysterical. The ice came through the ceiling" he said. "It came through the roof, it came through the ceiling, glanced off the refrigerator and actually hit him. That piece of ice was 6-to-8 inches in diameter and maybe 2 ft long."

Puskas says the radio tower was built in 1986.

The family has lived on their property for 21 years. Robert says ice has fallen from the tower before, but it's never been like this.

"We've never had this much damage before. The amount of damage we're receiving this time is  - I don't know - it's kind of unbearable. You know it's devastating when you see it. You come inside your home that you've been working to pay for your entire life. It's unimaginable. It's hard to even explain really."

His deck boards and roof were both damaged.

Inside the home, chunks of ice sliced through the roof and the ceiling, leaving lots of holes around the house.

Puskus says he think the company in Raleigh that owns the radio tower needs to do something.

"To buy my home and I will relocate. I have grandchildren now. I do not want to have this burden on me that something could happen," he said, adding that the house they built and turned into a home just doesn't feel the same any more.

Puskus says, "I'm done with the ice coming of the tower. For the safety of my own family, I don't want to deal with it anymore."

The family decided to leave the house Friday night because sheets of ice were still falling.

"It's unimaginable. It's hard to even explain really" says Puskus. "You don't even know which direction to turn."

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