Union school board gets police escort out of building following redistricting vote

Hello! It's Christine Nelson, checking in as usual. Today is Wednesday, March 5. I wanted to give you a first look at stories making headlines right now. We're live with local news coverage from now until 9 a.m.

OVERNIGHT: It came as a surprise to a lot of people. I'm talking about the sudden vote by the Union County School Board on school redistricting. You've seen on WBTV how this has been a hot button issue. The board approved the controversial school redistricting plan...and boy did the negative reaction fly! We'll let you hear how parents responded after the board announce they approved the redrawing of school district lines.

Snow make-up days are back in the headlines this morning too. We'll tell you what Gaston County Schools did to keep from using the Spring Break holiday to make up missed school days.

We're taking a deeper look into more violations for Duke Energy's plants following the coal ash spill.

Show some love this morning for Salisbury bureau reporter David Whisenant. He's filling in for John Carter who is on assignment for Carolina Camera.

Tune in!